Kindle Capital manages investments in the following assets on behalf of institutional investors across Canada.


AIRWAVE provides the UK’s emergency services (police, ambulance and fire) and public services (utilities and government agencies) with a communications network that has both enhanced security and superior reliability, when compared with other public network alternatives. The purpose of the network is to ensure that key service providers are able to manage communication and information exchange effectively during emergency situations.

ARQIVA owns and operates the transmission backbone for numerous television and radio broadcasters, and mobile phone service providers. Its assets include the physical transmission towers and the technology that are necessary to provide these services across the United Kingdom. Major customers include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, BSkyB, Classic FM, the five UK mobile phone operators, and the Metropolitan Police.

BROADCAST AUSTRALIA is the leading Australian broadcast transmission provider and is responsible for the operation and development of a vital network that is relied upon by viewers, listeners and operators throughout Australia.  Analogue and digital broadcasting services are provided to radio and television customers, and mast sharing and infrastructure services to other broadcasters and telecommunications providers.  Key customers include the national broadcasters ABC and SBS.

HIGHWAY 407 is the first all-electronic open-access toll highway in the world. It traverses the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the largest urban centre in Canada. As part of the integral transportation network of Toronto, Highway 407 currently stretches 108 km from the west to the east of the GTA and directly connects to seven other large freeways – Queen Elizabeth Way (“QEW”), 403, 401, 410, 427, 400 and 404.

BEHRMAN CAPITAL PEP, L.P. (“PEP”) is a $1.0 billion, six-year investment partnership that was formed primarily to acquire the five remaining investments in Behrman Capital III: Ark Holding Company, ILC Holdings/DDC Inc., Pelican Products, Inc. Selig Products, Inc. and ILC Dover Inc. In addition, approximately 25% of the aggregate commitments to PEP will be devoted to add-on acquisitions in the existing portfolio and select new platform investments. Behrman Capital is a leading US mid-market investment manager specializing in management buyouts, leveraged buildups and recapitalizations of established growth businesses.